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Many faculty members benefit from informal collaboration with international colleagues that do not require the university's official commitment through a formal agreement.  However, when collaboration requires a more wide-spread involvement, or when faculty members wish to ensure that international cooperation extends beyond their own involvement a formal agreement may be useful.

An International Agreement is a legally-binding contract that commits the University of Haifa and the partner organization to provide specific services or activities. It must be signed by the University of Haifa official representative, such as the President and/or Rector).

Types of International Agreements:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An agreement between institutions which is often the first step toward institutional collaboration.  An MOU spells out mutual expectations and identifies possible areas of collaboration that will be signed in a separate appendix, such as faculty and student exchanges, joint research, etc.

Student Exchange Agreement (SEA)

An agreement that allows a balanced movement of students to and from the University of Haifa. Students pay tuition fees to their home institutions for courses taken while on exchange and may study at the host institution for usually 1 semester and up to a maximum of 1 academic year.

Research & Development Collaboration Agreement

An agreement between institutions used to develop research and development collaboration in a specific area including the terms and conditions of collaboration.  All Research and development agreements are finalized through the Research Authority.

Program Service Provider Agreement (Faculty-led or Group Study Abroad Programs / short term)

An agreement that describes the terms and conditions by which the University of Haifa will provide a specialized program of service for a stated purpose. An agreement that details a specific undergraduate education abroad program led by the University of Haifa faculty or authorized personnel. The agreement will describe the housing arrangements, fees, time period, course requirements, contacts, and other information. In some instances, a purchased service contract will be used rather than a partnership agreement

Dual Degree Agreement

The University of Haifa and the partner institution outline the requirements to confer separate Master of Arts diplomas to a student on the fulfillment of all the requirements towards the MA degree at each institution. The student will receive two separate diplomas by transferring pre-approved credits from the partner institution to the University of Haifa and from the University of Haifa to the partner institution, accordingly. This agreement allows both institutions to develop and strengthen research collaborations through a shared Master of Arts candidate who may conduct part of the thesis requirements at the University of Haifa and at the partner institution.